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Senile (sporadic) - the onset of the disease after 65 years, symptoms progress slowly, as a rule, there is no family history, typical for 90% of patients with this diagnosis. Presenile (familial) - the onset of the disease before the age of 65, symptoms develop rapidly, there is a aggravated family history. Uncorrectable causes are congenital or acquired anatomical or physiological pathology that can no longer be cured or changed. These factors include: Partially correctable factors constitute a group of diseases that cause an acute or chronic lack of Norvasc in the cells of the cerebral cortex: hypertension; atherosclerosis of the vessels of the neck, head, brain; lipid metabolism disorder; diabetes; heart disease.

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Some research suggests that the same risk factors that increase your chances of developing heart disease can also increase your chances of developing Alzheimer's disease. For example: Physical inactivity. Obesity. Smoking or passive smoking. Arterial hypertension. Hypercholesterolemia and triglyceridemia. Diabetes mellitus type 2. Diet with insufficient amount of fruits and vegetables. The first signs of amlodipine. Signs of Alzheimer's disease indicate the presence of pathological changes in the brain, which develop and progress rapidly over time. Brain cells gradually die off, and a person slowly loses memory, becomes distracted, and coordination is disturbed. All these and some other symptoms and signs of Alzheimer's disease lead to dementia. Very often this is called senile insanity. At an early

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stage of development, patients with Alzheimer's disease may experience the following signs: Although the first signs of Norvasc online go unnoticed for a long time, the process in the head is in full swing, and the diversity of pathogenesis makes scientists put forward various hypotheses for the development of the disease. Alzheimer's dementia comes in two forms: the normal form, which begins after the age of 65, and the early form, which is much less common.

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At the stage of predementia, subtle cognitive difficulties occur, often detected only during detailed neurocognitive testing. From the moment of Norvasc pills appearance to the verification of the diagnosis, as a rule, 7-8 years pass. In the overwhelming majority of cases, memory impairments for recent events or information received the day before come to the fore, significant difficulties, if necessary, to remember something new. Early or early stages of Alzheimer's.

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Depending on how pronounced the syndromes are, the following stages of Alzheimer's disease are distinguished:

Early dementia - a slight disorder of the intellectual sphere is visible while maintaining a critical attitude of the patient to the problem. In addition, attention is disturbed, a person becomes irritable and nervous. Often there are severe headaches, dizziness. However, having such violations, the examination may not always detect changes.

Moderate dementia is accompanied by a partial loss of long-term memory and some habitual everyday skills. Severe stage of Alzheimer's disease.

Severe dementia - involves the disintegration of the personality with the loss of the entire spectrum of cognitive abilities. Patients are exhausted both mentally and physically. They are unable to independently perform even the most simple actions, move with difficulty and eventually stop rising frombeds. Loss of muscle mass occurs. Due to immobility, complications such as congestive pneumonia, bedsores, etc. develop.

Support for the patient at the last stage of the development of pathology consists of the following activities: ensuring regular feeding; hygiene procedures; assistance in the administration of the physiological needs of the body; providing a comfortable microclimate in the patient's room; regime organization; psychological support; symptomatic treatment.

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Unfortunately, the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease in the elderly begin to manifest themselves actively when most of the synaptic connections are destroyed.
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Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. As a result of the spread of organic changes to other brain tissues, older people experience the following conditions: The early stages of Alzheimer's disease are characterized by the following symptoms: